Mithat RENDE 16.12.2014
Distinguished Participants,

I would like to thank the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) for organizing this timely High Level Meeting (HLM). I also thank to Mr. Erik Solheim for his leadership and personal contributions to our agenda. I am also grateful for the opportunity to speak and share with you the priorities of the Turkish G20 Presidency for 2015 with reference to its development agenda.

Turkey assumed the G20 Presidency for 2015 as of December 1st. Turkish G20 Presidency Priorities for 2015 were announced on the same day by the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Babacan. They can be found on the G20 web site.

Distinguished Participants,

The economic crisis of 2008 has shown that the solution to global challenges rests in global actions. The rise of the G20 is simply a manifestation of this spirit. With 2015 promising to be a key year of importance for the global economy, G20 will focus its efforts on ensuring inclusive and robust growth through collective action.

Turkey’s priorities can be formulated as the three I’s: namely Inclusiveness, Implementation, and Investment for growth and infrastructure.

Under the Turkish Presidency, we will be building on previous Presidencies’ agenda, with a view to ensuring continuity in the G20 work.

We will strive to lift the growth potential of our economies. Our major instruments to this end will be boosting investment, especially closing the infrastructure investment gaps, increasing employment and promoting trade, along with the appropriate macroeconomic policy mix.

Turkey is committed to a “human centered” development agenda. We place particular priority to the challenges faced by the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). We are contributing to global efforts to raise awareness within the international community regarding LDCs’ development-related problems and priorities.

It is with this understanding that Turkey hosted the 4th United Nations Conference on the LDCs in Istanbul in May 2011. The Istanbul Program of Action adopted during this Conference was a historical milestone for bringing the LDCs’ challenges and problems to the attention of the international community. Another significant initiative was Turkey’s Economic and Technical Cooperation Package towards LDCs. The Package commits 200 million US Dollars annually to LDCs.

During the Conference, we have also declared our commitment to increase the level of direct investment in the LDCs through the involvement of the Turkish private sector to a total of 5 billion dollars by 2015 and strive for increasing this amount to 10 billion dollars by 2020.

Dear Participants,

Turkey has recently emerged as an important donor. The 3.3 billion Dollars of aid realized in 2013 constitutes 0.41% of the GDP. This number reflects a 30% increase in comparison to 2012 figures.

In addition to the huge burden assumed to host 1.6 million Syrians, our assistance to Somalia had a significant share in Turkey’s total development aid. In fact, Turkish humanitarian and development aid to Somalia has amounted to around 400 million USD so far.

Besides humanitarian aid, Turkish government and NGOs have been building and operating hospitals in and outside of Mogadishu. We are also actively involved in the field of education by training and educating Somalian professionals and supporting educational infrastructure of Somalia.

Turkey has also been active in the rehabilitation of transport infrastructure. Turkish Airlines is still the only international airline flying directly to Mogadishu.

Lastly, an important part of our support to Somalia involves the security sector. We are supporting the Somali National Army in various ways in close coordination with international partners. Turkey is co-leading the Second PSG (Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Group) on Security together with the US as part of the Somali Compact, the international community’s framework for development in Somalia.

Distinguished Participants,

2015 will be a key year for development cooperation as United Nations Summit will be convened in September during which post-2015 development agenda is expected to be adopted by member states. The Third International Conference on Financing for Development as well as the First Human Development Summit will also be held in 2015, the latter to be hosted by Turkey in İstanbul.

In light of this global setting, it is critical for the G20 to demonstrate its relevance for the new global development agenda. To this end, the G20 can give sustenance to its development work by focusing on its added-value.

During our Presidency we will also emphasize the link between growth and investment, especially on infrastructure. We will put effort to bring together the reforms that improve the investment climate and unlock private sector investment for both infrastructure and SMEs. Long term investment is essential for infrastructure which is key for production and trade. Lifting growth, boosting demand and creating jobs are all investment related issues that will have priority in the agenda of the Turkish Presidency.

Supporting food security in the developing world will be given particular attention, focusing on sustainable food systems and improving productivity in smallholder farms. During our Presidency, the Food Security and Nutrition Framework will be implemented for the first time. We intend to provide the much needed global traction to this field by convening the Ministers of Agriculture of G-20 countries. Meetings of G20 Ministers of Energy and Ministers of Labour will also be held.

Major issues for sustainable development such as energy and climate finance will also be key focus areas of the Turkish presidency. Given that 2015 will be a crucial year for climate change negotiations under the UNFCCC, the issue of climate change and more specifically the climate finance architecture will be accorded due attention. The G20 leaders will have a unique opportunity in November 2015 to give a clear message to the world ahead of the COP 21 which will take place in Paris in December 2015.

To conclude, I would like to stress that Turkey values very much the significant contribution of the OECD to the work of G20 and we look forward to working closely with the OECD Secretariat and member countries towards strong and inclusive growth, sustainable development, good governance, poverty reduction, prosperity and well being.

Thank you.


Erdem Başçı Ambassador
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