Mithat RENDE 20.01.2015
Mr. Secretary General,

The deadline to meet Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is fast approaching. 2015 will be a key year for development cooperation as United Nations Summit will be convened in September during which post-2015 development agenda is expected to be adopted by member states. The Third International Conference on Financing for Development as well as the First Human Development Summit will also be held in 2015, the latter to be hosted by Turkey in İstanbul.

We are in the process of shaping the post-2015 development agenda as a follow up to the Millennium Development Goals. There is a broad agreement on the need to arrive at one set of global development goals for the post-2015 period, with sustainable development at its core.

It is the collective responsibility of the international community to work on renewed commitments with focused, clear and sound policies to urgently address current development challenges.

Development policies and models must thus be more inclusive. The post-2015 development agenda, therefore, becomes all the more important today which should be considered as a framework for developed countries towards the developing world also within the “development cooperation” perspective.

Turkey believes that the new framework for development should place poverty eradication and human-centered development at its center.

Challenges faced by the LDCs, SIDS and LLDCs should be given special attention while drafting post-2015 goals.

New set of goals should be action-oriented, concise, clear-cut, measurable and universally applicable to all countries. While doing this, national realities, priorities, capacities and levels of development should be paid due attention and national policies and priorities should be respected.

Peace and stability, peaceful societies, rule of law and good governance are enablers of our goals and targets. Without them, it would be impossible to realize goals and targets.

Turkey was actively involved in the work of Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which has adopted an outcome document with 17 goals and 169 targets.

We welcome the outcome document of the OWG SDG as a valuable basis for intergovernmental negotiation process. We are generally satisfied with the coverage of the goals and targets.

However, we believe that both goals and targets can be further synthesized to present them in a simpler language, and a shorter list can be achieved. It also needs to be fine-tuned to make it more universal and to increase the ownership of all stakeholders.

The main reason behind the success of MDGs was high political ownership. Leaders’ ownership and commitments are crucial for successful implementation of post-2015 agenda as well.

There should be a strong monitoring mechanism for the implementation of post 2015 development goals.

Achieving international development goals requires a multi-faceted and comprehensive approach. Their cross-cutting nature requires an integrated approach and concerted action across many fora.

Global partnership and solidarity is fundamental for its successful implementation.

Strengthened cooperation among all development partners, including traditional donor countries, emerging donors in South-South cooperation, the United Nations, Bretton Woods Institutions, the WTO, G-20 and other international financial institutions is essential in addressing cross-cutting issues of sustainable development, such as mobilization of financial resources, trade, financial stability, know-how and technology transfer, capacity building and development policy.

We hope that a consensus on sharing the benefits of growth will be achieved in July 2015 in Addis Ababa for the sake of global sustainability.

I thank DAC Chair Mr. Solheim for alluding to the city of Kayseri in his speech. Kayseri is 320 km southeast of Ankara. It is traditionally known to be the city of merchants, clever merchants. Legend has it that families of Kayseri encourage their clever, intelligent children to do business and engage in trade, and direct those who are a bit on the slow side towards bureaucracy so they won’t destroy the business of their families!

I remember about five years ago, 65 production lines were at the same time under construction in Kayseri. It is a booming city, considered as one of the strong Anatolian tigers.


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